Progress at Clinton-Peabody

August, 2018 – The St. Louis Housing Authority (SLHA) and its management agent, McCormack Baron Management, have been very active in attempting to resolve the issues at Clinton Peabody for many months.  SLHA consulted with the City of St. Louis Department of Health to establish actions to abate the issues.

Since last September, SLHA has taken the following corrective actions:

  1. Plugged the large drainage holes in the dumpsters.
  2. Cleaned storm sewer catch basins that were full of trash and monitor the drains on a monthly basis.
  3. Changed extermination companies, which increased the frequency of extermination and used a more Integrated Pest Management approach.
  4. Placed screens over any damaged small outside vents to the crawl spaces and sealed dryer vents.
  5. Added new door assemblies to crawl space access hatches to completely seal the crawl spaces.
  6. Installed seals on over 400 exterior entry doors.
  7. Replaced 70 damaged exterior entry doors.
  8. Plugged entry holes identified by the Health Department, the exterminator, residents and maintenance staff and continue to plug holes as they are identified.
  9. Removed furnace and water heaters in 35 units to plug inaccessible holes.
  10. Pulled out and cleaned behind stoves and refrigerators.
  11. Provide education to residents by providing household management classes and informational classes from
  12. Cleaned ductwork and radiators in all units identified in the Health Department’s inspections. A small number of units remain to be cleaned.
  13. Replacing stoves in 64 units where there is some indication there has been pest activity.

To date, the estimated cost of the corrective action is approximately $325,000.