Emergency Repair Items

When SLHA inspects an occupied unit, SLHA will notify the owner or the family (whichever is responsible) of any emergency conditions which will require corrections. The responsible party must correct emergency conditions within 24 hours of SLHA notification.

The following are considered emergency conditions:

  • Lack of security for the unit
  • Major plumbing leaks or flooding, waterlogged ceiling or floor in imminent danger of falling
  • Natural or LP gas or fuel oil leaks
  • Contaminated water supply
  • Any electrical problem or condition that could result in shock or fire
  • Absence of a working heating system between October 15th and April 15th
  • Utilities not in service
  • No hot water
  • Obstacles that prevent safe entrance or exit from the unit
  • Absence of a functioning toilet in the unit
  • Inoperable or no smoke detectors
  • Absence of working air conditioning (when owner supplied) when outside temperature is above 90 degrees Fahrenheit

If an owner fails to correct emergency conditions as required by SLHA, the housing assistance payment (HAP) will be stopped, also known as abated, and the HAP contract may be terminated. If a family fails to correct a family caused emergency condition as required by SLHA, SLHA may terminate the family’s assistance. The owner will be required to repair an inoperable smoke detector within 24 hours unless SLHA determines that the family has intentionally disconnected it (by removing batteries or other means). In this case, the family will be required to repair the smoke detector within 24 hours.

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