Portal Q&As

Owner/Agent Self-Service Portal

How is the Owner/Agent Self-Service Portal useful to me?

You will be able to receive notifications and public announcements from SLHA, access tax information, review your profile, your tenant’s information, status of inspections and re-inspections, and most importantly, your HAP payments. Effective January 2014, SLHA is Going Paperless. This means paper HAP statements will no longer be printed and mailed. Login to the Owner/Agent Self-Service Portal to view your HAP statement immediately on the day of payment.

Can I change my username and password?

No, your user name and password is assigned to you by the St. Louis Housing Authority and may not be changed.

I forgot my password. How can I recover it?

Click on the “Retrieve Password” link on the login page and follow the instructions or contact us by emailing LHines@slha.org.

I know my password but still can’t log in. What can I do?

Your user account has most likely been locked out as a result of too many unsuccessful login attempts. Please contact us by emailing LHines@slha.org.  Make sure the next time you login that you are typing the correct password and Caps Lock is not active on your keyboard. Are you logging into the correct portal? Keep reading to find out which login you should use to access the portal.

Which login should I use, owner or agent?

Identify whether your portal login credentials grant you access to the Owner Portal or the Agent Portal. Answer the following questions to find out which portal you should use.

1) Are you the designated PAYEE for the unit? If yes, keep going. If no, STOP.  Portal login credentials are provided to the PAYEE ONLY (the person designated to receive the HAP payment for the unit).

2) Are you the owner of the unit or the agent? If you are the Owner-Payee, your portal credentials grant you access to the Owner Portal only. You will use the Owner Login. If you are the Agent-Payee, your portal credentials grant you access to the Agent Portal only. You will use the Agent Login.

For questions related to the HCV Owner/Agent Self-Service Portal please contact us by emailing LHines@slha.org.

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