HCV Income Limits

Housing Choice Voucher Income Limits

The U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD) has published the following income limits for admission to St. Louis Housing Authority’s Housing Choice Voucher (HCV) program for the St. Louis area.

Your family may be eligible if your total gross family income is not more than the following amounts:

Person(s) in Family

Income Limits (50% AMI)

1 $29,750
2 $34,000
3 $38,250
4 $42,450
5 $45,850
6 $49,250
7 $52,650
8 $56,050
9 $59,450
10 $62,850
11 $66,250
12 $69,650

Eligibility is established by comparing a family’s annual income with HUD’s published income limits. Income limits are published annually and are based on estimates of median family income in a particular area or county, with adjustments for family size. Income limits are used for eligibility only at admission. To be income-eligible, a family must be one of the following:

  • A very low-income family (50 percent of area median income)
  • A low-income family (80 percent of the area median income) that has been continuously assisted under the 1937 Housing Act. A family is considered to be continuously assisted if the family is already receiving assistance under any 1937 Housing Act program at the time the family is admitted to the HCV program
  • A low-income family that qualifies for voucher assistance as a non-purchasing household living in HOPE 1 (public housing homeownership), HOPE 2 (multifamily housing homeownership) developments or other HUD-assisted multifamily homeownership programs
  • A low-income or moderate-income family that is displaced as a result of the prepayment of a mortgage or voluntary termination of a mortgage insurance contract on eligible low-income housing

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