PH Policies & Procedures

Public Housing Resident Policies & Procedures

  • Agency Plan – The Public Housing Agency (PHA) Plan outlines the policies, programs and strategies that SLHA will implement to meet local housing needs. There are two parts to the plan: the Five-Year Plan, updated every 5th fiscal year, and the Annual Plan that is updated on a yearly basis.
  • Admissions and Continued Occupancy Policy – The ACOP governs admission to and continued occupancy of the HUD assisted low-income public housing developments owned and operated by the St. Louis Housing Authority.
  • Residential Lease Terms and Conditions – The lease agreement contains terms and conditions for residential leases with the St. Louis Housing Authority.
  • Trespass/Bar & Ban Policy – The tresspass/bar and ban policy describes SLHA’s right to refuse entrance or access to any of its properties to any unauthorized person.

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