Elderly & Disabled Services Program

St. Louis Housing Authority provides access to services for all elderly and disabled residents living in public housing through the Elderly & Disabled Services Program. The program is designed to enhance quality of life and assist residents to continue to live independently.  Priority is given to those residents who are considered “frail and at risk” as determined by a needs assessment, counseling, and case management.

Needs Assessment

A needs assessment helps the individual and their family members identify problems and develop plans to resolve issues.


Counseling, through dialogue, addresses changes in lifestyles, including family conflict, stress, caregiving issues, financial problems, problem of memory loss, confusion, depression, nursing homes, boarding home placement, long-term care, or abuse and neglect, and other areas that affect individuals and their families.

Case Management

Linking residents to the appropriate resources, including:

Health Services

  • Home health care, therapy alcohol/drug, rehabilitation, eye care, mental health, podiatry, and on-site health fairs

In-home Services

  • Home delivered meals, chore workers, and personal care.
  • Assistance with Public Benefits, such as: Medicare, Medicaid, Food Stamps, Social Security, Supplemental Security Income (SSI) Veteran’s Benefits, energy assistance, and other commodities.

Other Available Resources

  • Housing, transportation, legal services referral, services for persons with disabilities and senior activities.

Services are provided to the following SLHA developments:

  • Badenfest
  • Badenhaus
  • Euclid Plaza
  • James House
  • Kingsbury Terrace
  • Les Chateaux
  • Lafayette Apartments
  • Parkview
  • Renaissance
  • West Pine

For more information, contact:
Marvin Bostic, Manager, Elderly and Disabled Services Program
(314) 535-3616

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