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Board of Commissioners

0035 Thomas Jerry - 100 x 125Thomas Jerry, Chairman James MurphyJames Murphy, Vice-Chairman 0016 Shelby Watson - 100 x 125Shelby Watson, Treasurer
0017 Lawson Calhoun - 100 x 125Lawson Calhoun, Commissioner 0010 Shonnah Paredes - 100 x 125Shonnah Paredes, Commissioner Brenda Simpson - 100 x 125Brenda Simpson, Commissioner regina-stewart-100-x-125-croppedRegina Stewart, Commissioner

Key Leadership

0050 Cheryl Lovell - 100 x 125Cheryl Lovell, Executive Director, p 314.286.4357,
f 314.289.7357,

Ms. Lovell is currently the Executive Director of the St. Louis Housing Authority. She has served in this position for over 16 years. In her tenure at the St. Louis Housing Authority, the agency has transformed from a deeply troubled housing authority to a high performer. The Authority’s HUD rating score went from 14 to 92. The Authority has developed over 2,200 new rental units, of which over 1,000 units are public housing, using public and private partnerships, leveraging $200 million in public money with $325 million of private funds for a total development cost of $525 million. Ms. Lovell has been involved in public housing for over 20 years, previously serving as the Executive Director of the East St. Louis Housing Authority. Prior to her career in public housing, Ms. Lovell practiced construction law and worked as a construction engineer. Ms. Lovell has a Bachelor of Engineering in Civil Engineering, from Vanderbilt University and a Juris Doctorate from St. Louis University.

Robert-Batts - 100 x 125Robert G. Batts, Chief Operating Officer, p 314.286.4373, f 314.289.7373,

Mr. Batts began his employment with the St. Louis Housing Authority in September 1998 and currently is the Deputy Executive Director. He is responsible for the supervision of the Section 8, Public Housing, Information Technology and Facilities departments. The Section 8 and Public Housing departments are responsible for the administration of over 6,000 Housing Choice Vouchers and over 2,900 Public Housing units. Since Mr. Batts’ tenure at the St. Louis Housing Authority, the Section 8 and Public Housing departments have received the status of “High Performer” from the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development. The Facilities Department is responsible for making physical improvements to public housing developments within the agency’s portfolio. The department identifies developments that need capital improvements and contracts with a variety of architectural/engineering firms and construction contractors to perform the work. Prior to coming to the St. Louis Housing Authority, Mr. Batts worked for the City of St. Louis’ Community Development Agency and Nations Bank. Mr. Batts is a graduate of the University of Missouri-St. Louis and has over 36 years of experience in housing development.

0005 Brenda Gillis - 100 x 125Brenda Jackson, Chief Financial Officer, p 314.286.4232, f 314.289.7232,

Ms. Jackson began her employment with the St. Louis Housing Authority in January 2007 as the Director of Finance and is currently the Chief Financial Officer. She is responsible for overseeing and directing the Finance, Administration and Human Resources departments. During Ms. Jackson’ tenure at the Housing Authority, she has overseen an annual budget of over $65 million in federal funds, the successful implementation of HUD’s new Project-Based Asset Management budgeting and accounting system and managed the conversion of the division to new financial and payroll software. Prior to coming to the St. Louis Housing Authority, Ms. Jackson was the Chief Financial Officer for the City of St. Louis’ Community Development Administration for over 19 years, where she was awarded the John J. Gunther Blue Ribbon Practices in Community Development Award for being the first large city to successfully implement and go live on HUD’s Integrated Disbursement and Information System (IDIS). She has a Master of Public Administration and a Bachelor of Science in Accountancy, both from Southern Illinois University in Edwardsville, IL.

5958 Fred Toelle - 100 x 125Frederick Toelle, General Counsel, p 314.286.4231, f 314.289.7231,

Mr. Toelle began his employment with the St. Louis Housing Authority in August 2000 as a staff attorney in the Legal Department and has been general counsel (formerly corporate counsel) since March 2003. He is responsible for ensuring that the Authority functions in compliance with applicable laws and regulations, assisting in the formulation of policy for the public housing and Housing Choice Voucher programs and furnishing legal advice to the Authority on a wide range of issues. He also oversees the selection, retention, and management of all outside counsel, assists the Human Resources department in personnel matters, negotiates, drafts and reviews contracts, and handles a variety of real estate transactions. Before joining the Authority, Mr. Toelle was in private practice and for a time worked as a legal auditor.  He has a Juris Doctorate from the Washington University School of Law.

6315 Christopher White - 100 x 125W. Christopher White, Chief Development Officer, p 314.286.4269, f 314.289.7269,

Mr. White began his employment with the St. Louis Housing Authority in April 2005. He is currently the Chief Development Officer responsible for overseeing and directing the Business Development, Development and Resident Initiatives departments. The Business Development Department is responsible for developing new businesses, strategic partnerships and cultivating additional streams of revenue. The Development Department is responsible for the creation of new affordable housing through grants from HUD and private partnerships. The Resident Initiatives Department provides support services designed to assist eligible families with children, older adults and disabled residents in the Housing Choice Voucher and Public Housing programs. He has led the HOPE VI Department and served five years as the Director of Compliance and Communication. Mr. White previously served as an arts administrator directing community programs and the nationally acclaimed IN UNISON Program for the St. Louis Symphony Orchestra. He has a Master of Business Administration from Fontbonne University and a Bachelor of Music in Piano Performance from the University of Missouri—St. Louis.