Resident Relations

Tenant Association Board (TAB)

The Tenant Association Board (TAB) unites public housing residents with the St. Louis Housing Authority (SLHA) in planning and decision-making processes in order to make resident neighborhoods better places to live. Each SLHA site with a participating TAB addresses needs and concerns, and keeps residents informed about their development’s activities and programs. The TAB works with the SLHA and on-site managers to give residents a voice in overall development operations.

TABs are not-for-profit organizations specifically charged with the responsibility to:

  • Maintain open communication with residents to keep them informed of all resident association meetings, activities, and functions;
  • Promote programs that will provide improved educational, recreational, and social service opportunities;
  • Receive official recognition from SLHA and U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD) as a resident association pursuant to HUD regulations; and
  • Cooperate with other development resident associations in representing the interest of all residents.

TABs are elected once every three years or when a vacancy occurs. Members can serve three years. Most TABs consist of a president, vice-president, secretary, treasurer and sergeant-at-arms.

St. Louis Tenant Affairs Board (City-Wide TAB)

Presidents from each TAB are automatically a member of the St. Louis Tenant Affairs Board (City-Wide TAB).

The St. Louis TAB represents all public housing residents and makes recommendations and advises SLHA and management in the formulation of the Agency Plan. The TAB’s recommendations are considered as the plan is drafted and the final plan becomes a part of the HUD submission. The members of the City-Wide TAB are responsible for keeping residents in each development informed of the Agency Plan development during the draft and final stages.

Meetings: St. Louis TAB
3rd Wednesday each month, 10:30 am

Resident Board of Commissioners

The Board of Commissioners comprises five members appointed by the Mayor of the City of St. Louis and two public housing residents.

Resident Commissioners are two elected public housing residents that serve on the St. Louis Housing Authority’s Board of Commissioners. Resident Commissioners are elected every four (4) years or as a seat becomes vacant. Resident Commissioners have a legal and moral responsibility to ensure that the SLHA does the best work possible in pursuit of its goals, while believing in the purpose and the mission of the organization.

Responsibilities of Resident Commissioners

  • To interpret and translate the organization’s work and values to the community, represent the organization and act as a spokesperson;
  • To act in the best interests of the organization and to excuse themself from discussions and voting, where it could cause a conflict of interest;
  • To stay informed about what’s going on in the organization; to ask and request information;
  • To participate in and take responsibility for making decisions on issues, policy and other board matters; and
  • To work in good faith with staff and other board members as partners toward achieving goals.

Download the Election Policy and Procedures for Resident Board of Commissioners.

For more information, contact Vontriece McDowell.

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