Preservation of Affordable Housing, Inc. Named Developer for Clinton-Peabody Redevelopment

ST. LOUIS, MO (February 15, 2023) – A long-awaited transformation is on the horizon for the Near Southside. The St. Louis Housing Authority (SLHA) recently announced the selection of Preservation of Affordable Housing, Inc. (POAH) as the master developer of the historic Clinton-Peabody Apartments.

“Redeveloping the Clinton-Peabody Apartments is a key priority for the St. Louis Housing Authority,” says SLHA Executive Director Alana C. Green. “Although the COVID-19 pandemic delayed our efforts, I am pleased that we are now able to move forward with this historic and much-needed revitalization for our residents and the city.”

Clinton Peabody building exterior with playground.
Clinton-Peabody Apartments

Situated on approximately 24 acres in the historic Peabody-Darst-Webbe neighborhood, Clinton-Peabody is the oldest public housing development within the SLHA portfolio. The property, consisting of 358 units in 31 buildings, has served as an affordable housing solution for extremely low-income families since 1942. In March 2022, the SLHA released a solicitation seeking a full-service master developer to revitalize the obsolete property – a top priority in the agency’s strategic plan. Of the seven responses received, POAH’s proposal ranked highest for the developer’s demonstrated ability to preserve affordable communities. More importantly, the developer is committed to working collaboratively with Clinton-Peabody residents and Tenant Association Board (TAB), the SLHA, and community stakeholders on all phases of the project. POAH guarantees the master plan will reflect the community’s vision and honor past, current, and future residents.

“Resident engagement will be critical in the redevelopment process,” explains Green. “All aspects of the design will start with the residents. As a result, POAH will host recurring listening sessions to empower residents to make informative decisions about their community.”

This community-led effort aims to build a mixed income and mixed-use development that meets the needs of modern families. At a recent community-engagement meeting, 15-year resident and mother of six, Keeva Gilmore, emphasized her desire to have open recreational spaces, onsite supportive services, and critical improvements to neighborhood safety, among other enhancements.

Clinton-Peabody resident Keeva Gilmore (center) with her children at the first POAH Community Listening Session, held at the Al Chappelle Center on Thursday, February 2, 2023.

Says Gilmore: “My thoughts are important, so I want to make sure the redevelopment will put a smile on our kids’ faces when they come outside. They will be able to water plants and talk to each other and love on each other. This is about renewing mindsets.”

POAH’s development plan calls for the utilization of federal and state programs, low-income housing tax credits, grants, and private and non-profit capital support to fund the over $100 million redevelopment. Once secured, SLHA and POAH will begin a phased approach to the redevelopment.

The project team is comprised of Trivers, Lamar Johnson Collaborative, and Roanoke Construction. Both POAH and SLHA are strongly committed to using MBE/WBE firms and Section 3 subcontractors and suppliers in the St. Louis region.


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About the St. Louis Housing Authority

The St. Louis Housing Authority (SLHA) is a municipal corporation created by state statute, formed in 1939. Its mission is to provide diverse housing opportunities and to enhance the quality of life of the families served. SLHA is funded primarily by federal sources from the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD).

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