SLHA receives $250,000 to enhance security at Cochran Plaza Apartments

The St. Louis Housing Authority (SLHA) has been awarded a $250,000 U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD) grant to enhance safety and security at the Cochran Plaza Apartments, located in the Columbus Square neighborhood, north of Downtown St. Louis.

The funding is part of HUD’s Capital Fund Emergency Safety and Security Program, which supports public housing authorities in making desired capital improvements to address resident safety and quality of life. SLHA’s plan includes fence repairs and the installation of a new outdoor security camera system around the 21-building complex that is home to more than 225 residents.

“Cochran Plaza Apartments is a community with many children and families who deserve a safe living space,” explains Alana C. Green, SLHA executive director. “Unfortunately, communities across the entire metropolitan area have been impacted by crime. We believe the fencing upgrades and security camera system will provide adequate safety measures to deter unwanted criminal activity in and around the Cochran Plaza Apartment community.” 

Cochran Plaza is comprised of three quadrangles of garden apartments surrounding a central parking lot and landscaped areas. The security cameras will offer real-time visibility of the development to law enforcement and Authority staff to create a secure atmosphere. Still, Cochran Plaza residents are urged to report known and suspected crime to the police or the property manager, who will then notify the proper authorities.  

“The St. Louis Housing Authority is steadfast on creating safer living communities for our families. We encourage our families to play an active role in keeping their community safe,” says Green.  “Pay close attention to your surroundings, as well as the people visiting your neighborhood. More importantly, immediately report suspicious activity.”

Residents can help increase community safety with the following tips:

  1. Turn on your porch light.
  2. Remove valuables from plain sight and lock your vehicle.
  3. Know your neighbors.
  4. Close and lock your windows and doors.

October 31, 2023

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