Federal Fiscal Year 2023 Agency Plan Annual Submission

The St. Louis Housing Authority (SLHA) is required to submit to HUD for approval of its Agency Plan, FFY 2023 – 2027 on July 15, 2023. This plan outlines the policies, programs and strategies that SLHA will implement to meet local housing needs. The draft plan is available for review and comment until June 14, 2023. SLHA will then conduct a virtual public hearing on June 14, 2023. Click here for meeting information.

The draft plan contains sections (#18 – #22) that are not required for the final submission; however, are to be maintained for public viewing. Simultaneously, SLHA’s Utility Allowances for Public Housing Developments are subject to public review and comment, as well as the Capital Fund Budgets for FFY 2023 – 2027. These documents are available concurrently with the Draft of the FFY 2023 Agency Plan.

Click on the below links to view these documents:

Agency Plan FY 2023 (Draft)

Public Notice Documents for FY 2023

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